Story About Peeka Toy

The Reach Impact Program

Together, we make play possible for families who need a little happiness. We help kids who are dealing with poverty, foster care, and illness. The RFS foundation receives 20% of each purchase through Reach. Read on to see what makes this program special.

More Than Just Play

We believe that every child deserves a home. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop regarding our 2018 Reach for Smiles Housing campaign.

Toys & More

From 20% of our sales, we're able to contribute quite a lot. The RFS foundation donates toys, books, and clothing to millions of children worldwide. 

Reach for the Stars

In 2017, we reached a major milestone - we surpassed $1,000,000 worth of toys donated to children in need. Such an incredible feat, and all thanks to you!

Smiles for Miles

The Reach for Smiles foundation has provided smiles to more than 23 million children in need since 2013. There's truly nothing better than a cheerful child

Help Us Help Kids Be Kids

The Reach for Smiles foundation was formed after one of our founders' children ended up in the hospital. While there, she met many families who needed a little something to smile about. Since 2013, RFS has been able to provide toys, clothing, and financial aid to more than 23 million children and their families. Shop thoughtfully and help us spread happiness around the world.