Peekatoy Australia™ Woody Stackrobats

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Meet Stackrobats —
A Jenga-like Game That Challenges Your Child to Analyze, Improve & React

Combining playtime with education is a fun way for kids to learn. So what better way to do that than the Stackrobat set?

Light green check.svg Learn to embrace, identify and correct mistakes
Light green check.svg Develop a love for challenges
Light green check.svg Improves focus and determination
Light green check.svg Makes learning fun and enjoyable

    Bring out the Genius in
    Your Little One

    Kids would never miss anything for a fun Jenga-like stacking challenge. Stackrobats combines both fun and learning into one playful educational set.

    Benefits for Brilliant Brains:

    Play, Learn and Grow Together:

    • "Let's see how high you can stack them!"
    • "Make a Stackrobat domino!"
    • "Stack them all as fast as you can!"
    • "Make a pyramid and place the clown Stackrobat at the top!"

    Kids learn an enormous amount through their imagination and it is play that pulls together the logical and creative parts of their brain.

    Turn Your Kids into High Achievers

    Stackrobats encourages analytical thinking amongst your little ones. Kids pick up problem-solving skills when they analyze what went wrong with their toppled stack and create ways to make the perfect stack happen.

    Just watch your child fiddle with the Stackrobat and stack seemingly impossible structures right in front of you!

    Perfect for kids of all ages and is a surefire entertaining way to encourage your little ones to achieve more.

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