Baby Bath Support Cushion

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Making Safety A Priority With Every Bath!  

Introducing Toddleruplift: Baby Bath Support Cushion. Welcome to the new generation of baby nurture and care, giving your baby the best bath time experience money can buy. 

Toddleruplift  Baby Bath Support Cushion is an limited edition baby bath support cushion superficially engineered to cater for baby's of all shapes and sizes , this enabling your precious little one to not only enjoy bath time but improve posture and blood flow in the back while doing so. This unique cushion is not only a must have in the bathroom, but its becoming a way of life for many new family's, your little ones deserve the best don't they? 

✔- Better Posture - Safer Bathing: Did you know 1 in 3 baby's have poor posture? This causing lack of blood flow in the back, that can lead to long term injuries. Don't worry though, here at Toddleruplift our Baby Bath Support Toddleruplift is carefully engineered to keep your baby sitting in the perfect position.


✔- Leak Proof Interlayer: Equipped with a leak proof interlayer, this makes our Baby Bath Support Toddleruplift almost a no brainer to buy. Here at Toddleruplift we stand behind the quality and craftsman ship of all our products.

✔- Portable Design: The Baby Bath Support Toddleruplift comes with a storage box, where it can be packed up nicely so you can bath your baby any where anytime! Perfect for visits to Nana & Pops, or family camping trips! Never have to go unprepared again!

✔- Become Stress Free: Our Baby Bath Support Toddleruplift stacks up nicely with almost anything, and fits nice and neatly into a bag taking up less storage space in your house & enabling you to live a stress free life!

✔- Stop Wasting Money: Stop wasting money on poor quality baby accessories that leave you unsatisfied and annoyed. The design of our Baby Bath Support Toddleruplift is specifically engineered to give you the best possible experience money can buy, for a fraction of the price.

✔- Prevents Drowning: We have implemented the 3 way seat belt system when building this simply to give your precious little ones all the support they need, and it prevents drowning which makes bath time safe for you and your kids.

Our Guarantee 

We strive to offer you the most innovative products on the market. We give you the guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied. If you are not satisfied for any reason, contact us and we will resolve your issue within 48 hours, normally 24.